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Welcome to the Chew the Ph@tt Podcast with your hosts, Sarah Thomson and Sue Collier!

Today Sarah introduces you to her own personal Naturopath, Kat Blake from Invigorate Naturopathy to talk all things SLEEP.

Based in Perth, Kat specializes in Stress, Sleep, Anxiety and Fatigue. Kat’s been on her health journey with sleep and stress and anxiety issues, which is what sparked her interest in Naturopathy.

Sarah came to Kat, typical of most of Kat’s clients as sleep-deprived and stressed since giving birth to her first child some seven years prior. Sarah describes how she never had a problem falling asleep, but she’d often wake up incredibly early having only slept a few hours – and her fear of taking sleeping medication and being a complete, non-responsive zombie, and grumpy. Sarah also shares that she was terrified at first, Kat would instruct her to completely overhaul her life.

Since making minor but consistent changes to her lifestyle and health, Sarah shares how much she now treasures her morning coffee and enjoys every sip, and how much she appreciates Kat’s approach of taking people where they are at and supporting them from that place forward. Keep listening to hear Kat’s natural herbal recipes for a good night’s sleep, calm, and pain relief.

Phatt to Chew On

“People have proper qualifications that are backed by clinical research. It’s not quackery.” – Sarah

“I didn’t realize there was anything else I could do – either continue on or take the sleeping medication.” – Sarah

“When you’re fatigued and exhausted, you’ll reach for caffeine and sugar because it’ll make you feel good.” – Kat Blake

“We should not be setting an alarm and letting our body get the sleep it needs.” – Kat Blake

“Being tired and busy is not a badge of honour.” – Sarah

“You don’t get a medal for pushing and burning yourself out.” – Kat Blake

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Ph@tt to Chew On (Quotes)

“Lots of people try to out-train a bad diet.” – Sue

“When you go to bed at night, we feel heavy and lots of self-loathing because we haven’t looked after ourselves or honoured our body.” – Sarah

“Everybody needs some help. Everybody needs some kindness. You’ve got to know you aren’t alone on this journey.” – Sue

“I recovered better and faster from my surgery because of this program.” – Sarah

Meet The Hosts


Sue Collier is a senior PH@TT mentor and has worked in the business since 2016. She has personally mentored thousands of people and has a particular love of helping people who are starting large and have lots of weight to lose. Sue loves sharing her passion for exercise as she is also a qualified personal trainer. In between running her huge business, Sue loves daily walks on the beach and enjoying time with her family.


Sarah Thomson joined the PH@TT business in 2018 having worked with Sue for almost 18 months as her marketing consultant. Whilst she is a relative newby to the team, she is super passionate about helping others lose weight, having battled her own weight most of her life. In between working, Sarah is a busy Mum with 2 boys who are competitive swimmers so she has learnt to love cooking and baking.

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