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Chew the Ph@tt

Welcome to Chew the Ph@tt Podcast with your fabulous hosts, Sue and Sarah!

Episode 3

Please don't feed the mind monkeys

Welcome to the second episode of Chew the Ph@tt Podcast with your fabulous hosts, Sue and Sarah!

Today we’re talking all about the power of Mindset. You’ll hear Sue and Sarah share their personal stories – Sarah sharing her stories of comfort eating to soothe pain around a medical problem, and Sue sharing the pain of her mother’s death – which inspired her big, bold WHY.

You’ll hear common mindset blocks to arise on the weightloss journey from why haven’t I lost as much weight as they have?  or I can’t do that and how building resilience goes hand-in-hand to build a strong mindset.

Sarah and Sue challenge you to take notice of what your Mind Monkey’s are – where can you bring more mindfulness to your day and spend time in self-reflection and taking notice of when and why you’re hungry.

Do you notice that you eat when you’re bored?

Are your hiding emotions?

Are you lonely?

You’ll also hear Sue and Sarah talk about how on the Ph@tt journey, you’ll come up against things in your daily life, but also ho things in your past might come up to be healed and reconciled.

And remember, if you’re part of the Ph@tt program – reach out to your mentor!

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Ph@tt to Chew On (Quotes)

“I have absolutely eaten my pain and sadness. If only I had realized I was making myself feel worse.” – Sarah

“A really great thing to do when you start any weight-loss program is to start journaling how you’re feeling.” -Sarah

“Your WHY is the biggest important you’ll ever have. WHY do you want to lose weight, be fit and healthy?” – Sue

“These are often just little pebbles in your journey, not a big rock. Just step over it. Today is a new day.” – Sue

“How can I put myself in the best possible position to cope?” – Sarah

“It’s not a linear process, there’s going to be hiccups.” – Sarah

“Please don’t feed the mind-monkeys.” – Sarah

“This is your journey, not anyone else’s.” – Sue

Meet The Hosts


Sue Collier is a senior PH@TT mentor and has worked in the business since 2016. She has personally mentored thousands of people and has a particular love of helping people who are starting large and have lots of weight to lose. Sue loves sharing her passion for exercise as she is also a qualified personal trainer. In between running her huge business, Sue loves daily walks on the beach and enjoying time with her family.


Sarah Thomson joined the PH@TT business in 2018 having worked with Sue for almost 18 months as her marketing consultant. Whilst she is a relative newby to the team, she is super passionate about helping others lose weight, having battled her own weight most of her life. In between working, Sarah is a busy Mum with 2 boys who are competitive swimmers so she has learnt to love cooking and baking.

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