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Chew the Ph@tt

Welcome to the Chew the Ph@tt Podcast with your hosts, Sarah Thomson and Sue Collier!

Today we’re doing something a little different – we’re delving into the business of the Ph@tt program. Sue shares how she was first introduced to the program through a Personal Training client and never looked back – and Sarah’s introduction through working with Sue behind the scenes of Ph@tt.

Listen in for a delicious discussion on how Ph@tt operates as a network marketing business – and the challenges presented by the stigma of network selling and pyramid schemes. Sue shares how Ph@tt has set itself apart, and consciously chosen to embrace network marketing in a whole new way – and the kind of traits she looks for in new members of the Ph@tt program.

You’ll hear how Ph@tt truly is different: how a traditional MLM creates wealth for the ‘fat cat’ at the top, and how Ph@tt works differently by building down and looking after the lower level members.

You’ll hear Sue share just how big she’s grown the business of Ph@tt, and what that looks like each day from when she wakes up at 4:30AM, and a few big myths completely busted on Ph@tt operations.

And remember, if you’re part of the Ph@tt program – reach out to your mentor!

Phatt to Chew On

“I was shocked at how fast my business grew because you were gunning for me.” – Sarah

“I pride myself on helping my teams. We help them however we can – with leads, building their profiles and a helping hand where we can.” – Sue

“The thing I loved the most about this but hated with other MLM’s was that there was no ‘get rich in 4 hours’ scheme.there’s no pretense here.” – Sarah

“We also have qualified allied health professionals in our teams.” – Sue

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Ph@tt to Chew On (Quotes)

“Lots of people try to out-train a bad diet.” – Sue

“When you go to bed at night, we feel heavy and lots of self-loathing because we haven’t looked after ourselves or honoured our body.” – Sarah

“Everybody needs some help. Everybody needs some kindness. You’ve got to know you aren’t alone on this journey.” – Sue

“I recovered better and faster from my surgery because of this program.” – Sarah

Meet The Hosts


Sue Collier is a senior PH@TT mentor and has worked in the business since 2016. She has personally mentored thousands of people and has a particular love of helping people who are starting large and have lots of weight to lose. Sue loves sharing her passion for exercise as she is also a qualified personal trainer. In between running her huge business, Sue loves daily walks on the beach and enjoying time with her family.


Sarah Thomson joined the PH@TT business in 2018 having worked with Sue for almost 18 months as her marketing consultant. Whilst she is a relative newby to the team, she is super passionate about helping others lose weight, having battled her own weight most of her life. In between working, Sarah is a busy Mum with 2 boys who are competitive swimmers so she has learnt to love cooking and baking.

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